About the author

  • Decade-plus of experience as an editor, writer, strategist, and spokesperson.
  • Covered travel and car travel topics since 2014.
  • Writing and editing have appeared in over 40 websites.
  • Quoted in dozens of media outlets for travel and student loan expertise

Bio and Experience

Freek is Vignetteswitzerland’s Editor-in-Chief. Freek leads a talented team of editors, writers, and staff with the goal of educating users about life’s travel and making the correct decisions when driving through or in Switzerland.

Freek has worn many different hats in his career. He wrote articles in the sport sector, automotive and travel niche before focusing on travel solely.

Before arriving at Vignetteswitzerland.com, Freek wrote and edited articles for other sites of our parent company. He has a strong preference for traveling by car through Europe and turning his experience with this into actionable guides for our clients. Each year he drives through Switzerland two times on the way to Italy.

Freek loves turning complicated travel and vignette regulation topics into digestible and actionable guidance for consumers — but sometimes, if he’s being honest, he’d rather be riding on his mountainbike.


Freek has a master from Wageningen University & Research.

Freek Jurg

Freek Jurg

10 Years of experience

  • Tolling regulations
  • Car insurance
  • Road Safety

Freek has a master from Wageningen University & Research.

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