Since 2023, anyone who wants to buy a vignette in Switzerland has the choice between the "old" vignette in form of a sticker for the windshield and the new digital vignette. This means that you can either continue to purchase it the same way as before or buy a Swiss vignette quickly and easily online.

It was to be expected that the previous system would sooner or later be modernized by the digital motorway vignette. After all, there are some countries in the EU that already use the digital form. We will explain all the important details to look out for when buying the vignette for 2024.
Now available: the new digital vignette for 2024

Big innovation:
The e-vignette for
Switzerland in 2024

Most vacationers know about the regulation that you need a vignette to use Swiss national roads. Vignettes are compulsory. Until now, anyone who has ever driven a car into or through Switzerland has probably paid the toll at one of the sales points before crossing the border.
With the introduction of the digital vignette, travelers on Swiss roads will have more options in the future. You will no longer have to stop at one of the gas stations or rest stops along the way to purchase it. Nowadays, you can conveniently buy the motorway vignette online. The introduction of the new vignette was discussed for a long time. Now the time has come: If you want to say goodbye to sticking the vignette on the windshield and having to scratch it off later, you can choose the digital version.

Vignette in form of a sticker vs. online vignette for Switzerland

Some advantages that the e-vignette brings in comparison to the vignette in form of a sticker have already been mentioned. Nevertheless, everyone can decide for themselves which option they want to use for traveling on the motorways and expressways of Switzerland.

If you consider it a kind of tradition to stop at the gas station to pay the toll, there is nothing speaking against that. The option still exists. However, with the vignette for 2024, you save time on one hand and also benefit from the simple purchase process on the other.

Enter details

Pay shopping

Receive confirmation,

Purchasing the annual vignette online can be done in record time. Possible payment methods are Credit Card, Paypal,
Apple Pay, Sofort, Giropay, and many more.

The decisive advantage: registration via license plate

Before you decide on one of the vignettes and you finalize the purchase, you should know how the system behind it works. The "old" vignette still had to be attached inside the vehicle in a clearly visible way. With the new version, the principle works a little differently.

Already during the ordering process of the motorway vignette online, the license plate number of the car that you want to use later for the journey is stored. The vignette and license plate data are later compared during police inspections.

This has the following advantage for drivers: if your car receives a new license plate due to e.g. moving to another district, the license plate number can be changed in the Swiss system. This way you always use the use the 2024 vignette for the full period. Another great advantages is, that if your windshield is replaced you will not have to buy a new sticker, because the vignette is registered digital. The Swiss vignette can be used for a maximum of 14 months, depending on the date of purchase - so it may well happen that your windshield has to be replaced or the license plate changes in this period.

Ordering and Validity

Ordering the online motorway vignette is only possible if you provide certain information before the purchase. In addition to your full name and e-mail address, you should pay particular attention to the correctness of the license plate. After all, it will be used later to monitor the toll fees.

As far as the validity is concerned, you do not have to choose between different periods in Switzerland. There is only one category that drivers can choose.

The annual vignette is valid for all vehicles from December 1st of the previous year until January 31st of the following year (14 months).

Costs for the digital Swiss motorway vignette

The cost of the vignette for most vehicles is a flat rate of 40 Swiss francs (plus processing fees). The price applies to motorcycles, cars, or caravans. Motor vehicles and trailers must each have their own vignette.

If you use certain sections of the road, such as tunnels (Munt la Schera, Great Saint Bernard Tunnel, etc.), you will have to pay an additional fee to use them.

Vehicle type Price Price in Euro Activation Costs Total Fee
Swiss Vignette For A Car CHF 40 € 41,92 €11.03 € 52.95
Swiss Vignette For Caravan or trailer CHF 40 € 41,92 €11.03 € 52.95
The Swiss Motorway vignette for 2024

Motorhomes and caravans in Switzerland

The prices for certain motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trailers, motorhomes, etc.) have been mentioned before. However, there is a special regulation as far as the costs are concerned. The flat rate does not apply to transport vehicles and motorhome trailers that exceed a total weight of 3.5 tons.

The so-called heavy vehicle fee (LSVA) is not only required in Switzerland but also in some other countries in the EU. However, vacationers are usually not affected by this special fee, as most travel to Switzerland, Italy, or France in an ordinary passenger car.

On the road without a
vignette: Fine!

Anyone who fails to comply with the obligation to have a vignette on motorways must expect a fine of 200 Swiss francs. However, according to the police, it does not stop there. In addition to the fine, you must of course also purchase a vignette for the previously mentioned price.

Vacationers who want to avoid a fine are strongly advised to buy a vignette for Switzerland in time. Today, there are no more excuses - after all, the digital vignette is available with just a few clicks.

FAQ: Vignette Switzerland

The cost for an annual vignette for Switzerland is usually around 40 Swiss Francs, which corresponds to about 45 Euros depending on the current exchange rate (This is without exchange and activation fees).
There is no day vignette for Switzerland. Switzerland only offers an annual vignette, which is valid for the entire calendar year.
A 10-day vignette is also not available in Switzerland. Switzerland exclusively offers the annual vignette.
The best option is to purchase the electronic vignette on This is a quick and convenient way to obtain a valid vignette. For a physical vignette, you can turn to the usual sales points such as border customs stations, Swiss post offices, or gas stations near the border.
The price of 44 Swiss Francs for the e-vignette covers not only the use of the highways but also includes administrative costs for the electronic system. This price may also reflect the costs of developing and maintaining the electronic registration system.
You can conveniently buy the e-vignette for Switzerland on This is a secure and fast method to acquire a valid vignette.
The electronic vignette in Switzerland operates through a system that registers the vehicle's license plate number. When purchasing an e-vignette, you must provide your vehicle registration number, which is then registered in the system for the duration of the vignette's validity. Checks are carried out electronically, allowing for quick and efficient verification of whether a vehicle has a valid vignette, without the need for a physical vignette to be attached to the vehicle.

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